Posted by: carbonara | February 24, 2009

First fully renewable energy policy

A leading British opposition party has published its long-awaited energy policy paper. Entitled “A renewable energy policy for Britain”, the policy is breaking new ground in being the first major policy to be itself 100% renewable and ready to be rewritten at the first sign of changing political fashion. Industry experts have described the paper as ‘revolutionary’, largely because of the scope it leaves for dramatic about-turns as environmental actions become more or less politically favourable as the state of the wider economy fluctuates. The paper successfully blames the Labour government for both the state of the economy and the decrepit and dirty state of the nation’s power generating fleet, whilst at the same time promising to solve everything without really explaining how this will be done. A spokesman said “This is an advanced second generation policy; the analysis divides the energy spectrum into a sort of cake with different slices to be tackled one at a time. We intend to maintain the full presence of this cake whilst also consuming it slice by slice in a sustainable manner”.

The paper indicates that, prior to the first policy renewal, the risk of dangerous climate change can be eliminated without any pain to the electorate, particularly during an economic downturn. This is achieved by passionate commitments to long-term targets well outside of the current political timeframe and therefore exposing opposition politicians to very little risk, safe in the knowledge that the more difficult issues will be reassessed when the renewable policy clause comes into force.


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