Posted by: carbonara | October 22, 2009

Cooling period casts doubt on warming theory – new data

dramatic iceberg, cited as further cooling evidence

New data show that parts of the world have recently been shivering through a period of above-average coldness, according to a group of scientists known for their scepticism about the phenomenon of man-made global warming. The group’s report concludes that these real-world contemporary measurements constitute hard evidence that anthropogenic global warming is a myth propagated by liberals and tax-seeking governments. The group’s report shows how certain key regions of the world, principally located in the southern hemisphere, have been experiencing an unbroken period of coldness over the past 5-6 months. The group’s lead scientist, Prof. B.P. Chevron, said, “Since the start of our study the temperatures were consistently below the annual average dating back to when records began. This constitutes the most up-to-date data available and strongly refutes the claims made by the global warming alarmists.” Observers have criticised the report by saying that the period of study was too short and the sampling locations too clustered. The scientists have hit back by announcing a follow-up study, based on sample sites in entirely different locations in the northern hemisphere, and that results so far are promising. “We will continue this work for another 6 months”, said another of the group’s authors, Dr S.O. Total, “and if we detect temperatures below the annual average then we will really be confident that we have uncovered a global cooling trend. This new science clearly flies in the face of the climate change activists”.  Rumours abound that, even before the crucial second phase of the study, the report is already being widely cited by climate change sceptics as important new evidence in their proof of the non-existence of anthropogenic global warming.



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