Posted by: carbonara | December 12, 2009

“On the eighth day til COP-mas, the Mr Men sent to me…



Today saw the trickle of incoming environment ministers swelling into a steady flow. Several were to be seen milling about in the conference centre, presumably trying to figure out why on earth there were quite so many people rushing around and wondering just why they committed to stake their reputation on extruding a deal out of the tangled mass of negotiations. Nevertheless their arrival heralded some movement as the COP and CMP somehow managed to informally negotiate themselves out of suspension so that the plenary theatrics can begin again on Saturday.

Meanwhile Mr Small continued to make his considerable presence felt by staging an impressive “freeze” protest in the Bella Center’s most congested bottle-neck corridor, a stunt that was watched by at least one hot-looking polar bear and a multitude of news-hungry cameras.

More importantly, today saw Mr Tickle re-establishing himself on the frontline by releasing his Chair’s draft text on the outcome of his working group on Long-term Cooperative Action, key element of the Bali Action Plan and touted by many as a draft Copenhagen outcome. The tome extends to a massive 6-and-a-bit pages – although much of the detail has been tickled out of it – remains heavily [bracketed]. Along with its sister draft text on the Kyoto Protocol, released poetically on the 12th anniversary of the signing of its mother document, the text remains controversial and open to further histrionics in the seven days to come.

As the pendulum of the world’s attention swings rhythmically on and off Copenhagen, Mr Nosey is gearing up to capture some serious limelight tomorrow as many thousands descend on the city for a march. Let’s hope that the frantic negotiators have a moment to notice


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