Posted by: carbonara | March 6, 2010

Wind to power ships in staggering energy innovation

An example of how wind might one day be used to move ships

The shipping industry has begun eyeing up possibly the greatest shake-up in its thousand-year history as some cargo operators have suggested using wind power to drive their boats. The concept makes use of a natural phenomenon whereby pressure differences in the earth’s atmosphere caused by uneven solar heating cause large flows of air from one area to another. An engineer working on the problem said, “we’ve realised that these large air movements could actually prove quite useful in moving ships. Strange as it may seem, there may be a way to efficiently power boats without using enormous quantities of fossil fuel”.

Biomass burning in the new "fire" process

On-shore innovation has also been rife. Power engineers have discovered a new substance that can provide extraordinary amounts of heat and electricity without using coal or any other million-year-old fuel. The substance has been named ‘biomass’ and has been discovered growing in the trunks of trees. The innovation involves applying a spark to the biomass substance in order to generate large quantities of heat in a process known as ‘fire’.

Work is also underway on new techniques whereby people might be able to communicate and consider each other to be friends through direct contact without even needing to rely on websites and handheld electronic devices. A social scientist reported via their twitter feed that “ research suggests that it does appear to be viable to maintain a friendship without any electronic support and by communicating in sentences of more than 140 charac”



  1. Man, you are one sarcastic (but funny) dude. Loving these posts.

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