Posted by: carbonara | March 29, 2010

New 10:10 campaign launches but fails to spot major flaw

The pioneering UK climate change campaign group 10:10 has gone live with their new programme but has apparently failed to notice the astonishing design flaw that means the campaign would exacerbate climate change rather than fight it. The campaign, called Lighter Later, involves a seemingly sensible call on the government to shift the UK time zone forward by one hour all year round, maintaining British Summer Time through the winter and going one hour further forward in the summer. The benefits of more outdoor activities, fewer road accidents and lower lighting demand are obvious. So what is the problem? Let us turn to Ms Meskimen of Hot Springs, Arkansas, who eloquently described the oversight when she discovered it in 2007 following changes to the daylight savings regime in the US :

So beware, those folks at 10:10 may seem in every other way to be inspirational and passionate campaigners launching well-thought out campaigns that capture the imagination of the masses. But perhaps in reality they are out to ruin the world for all of us…

POSTSCRIPT – It would appear that Connie M Meskimen is in fact A PRACTISING LAWYER in Hot Springs, AR.  So either they have highly questionable legal standards in Arkansas, or this is a round-about way to get some climate-sceptic column-inches into a newspaper over there… (and on other subjects too!)



  1. Loving it, hilarious…

  2. I dont entirely understand the last line (“in a Democrat newspaper”) but you do realise that the name has nothing at all to do with the Democratic Party in the US? Also according to snopes it was sarcasm:

    • Thanks for pointing that out about the newspaper – post corrected. And I’m rather relieved to see that there’s a general conclusion that it was sarcasm; the alternative is just too bewildering

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