Posted by: carbonara | April 20, 2010

Toyota and GM in carbon footprint battle

New cars demonstrating excellent life-cycle emissions footprint

Toyota and General Motors appear to be locked into a fierce battle to out-do each other in improving and promoting their products’ life-cycle carbon footprint figures. Such life-cycle footprints include all emissions arising from a vehicle’s production, use and eventual disposal, including of course its useful life at the hands of its eventual owner. A spokesman for GM said, “We had been working hard over the past two years to shrink our production profile and to build up enormous stocks of unused new vehicles, all of which helps to lower the specific per-vehicle life-cycle footprint. We were doing well and appeared to be winning this war against Toyota. But now they have really raised the stakes”. It is believed that he was referring to Toyota’s recent spate of product recalls, pulling millions of its vehicles off the road and therefore making massive step-change improvements to life-cycle footprint performance. This, on the back of the ground-breaking Prius hybrid vehicle, is really helping Toyota to ease ahead in the global fight for greener car credentials. GM, king of the car industry is not to be out-done. The spokesman went on to announce a shock move to switch from Styrofoam to paper cups at the water coolers in all of its worldwide offices. “This is a true step towards a sustainable business – I don’t think they can touch us on this one”. The battle continues, and the potential next moves of both sides are being hotly debated in the amateur press.



  1. I guess GM didn’t look at the LCA study back in the 90s that finds styrofoam has the lower environmental impacts compared to paper 🙂

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