Posted by: carbonara | May 18, 2012

Terrorists launch smear campaign against discredited Heartland Institute

ImageTerrorists worldwide have come together to launch a hard-hitting poster campaign aimed at further discrediting the troubled right wing think-tank the Heartland Institute. In a move criticised by many for its crude, distasteful approach, the terrorist network has hired thousands of giant billboards across the US, plastering them with faces of some its most despised members accompanied by the slogan “I still think Heartland is a credible organisation, do you?” The faces of bearded mullahs are joined by other despised international despots, past and present, including Bashar Al Assad, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Critics of the campaign say that it is unfair to think that such individuals may have been supporters of such an institution, especially as many of those pictured are no longer alive to defend themselves. When questioned by Al Jazeera, the campaign’s PR manager said that the initiative had been launched as an experiment to turn the tables against the loose cannons running the Heartland Institute, but that they now realised they had misjudged the level of public resentment that would arise from even alluding to such a think-tank in public. Most billboards have since been removed, whilst many of those remaining have been defaced with graffiti crossing out the word ‘Heartland’.


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