Posted by: carbonara | December 9, 2015

Cupitalising the Green Climate Fund, €1 at a time

Coffee for the coffers: One down, 99,999,999,999 to go

Coffee for the coffers: One down, 99,999,999,999 to go

As climate finance discussions rumble on at COP21, the Green Climate Fund has begun to despair at ever having its coffers properly filled. The GCF board, forever disappointed with the level of developed country funding, has at last found a new way to capitalise the fund – gathering up left over coffee cups around the COP21 centre. The fancy cups, all handed out on a €1 deposit-refund scheme, have been absent-mindedly jettisoned by observers and delegates alike.  Hawk-eyed GCF employees, accompanied by willing volunteers  from developing countries have been gradually amassing the necessary fortune, €1 at a time.

Meanwhile, observers and negotiators alike have been baffled the lavishness of India’s on-site pavilion. While it has become the norm for most countries, small and large, to create their own stands or “pavilions” during COPs, nothing as grandiose as India’s elaborate construction has ever before graced a negotiating hall.   As negotiators contemplate delicate issues of equity, climate justice and financial commitments by traditionally rich countries, the robotic water feature – quite literally sending messages about India’s technological advancement – certainly provides an interesting if rather damp backdrop.





  1. I love it, keep it up.

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