What’s this all about?

Climate change is certainly no laughing matter. I’m sure of that and a lot of sensible people agree.  But I can’t help thinking that our burgeoning climate change ‘industry’ with its carbon market, carbon management, carbon calculators and carbon czars, and its endless rounds of UN negotiations, all tends to take itself rather too sustainably seriously.

So I though a little irreverent poking around wouldn’t go amiss. The idea is to have some fun whilst raking through some of the real issues underlying all of this. This is  now also happening in a shorter, even less coherent way on Twitter.

If you’d rather read something serious have a look at the excellent Real Climate for the science and Climatico for the policy.

“It is impossible to get away from the energy problem. It is impossible to overemphasise its centrality. It might be said that energy is for the mechanical world what consciousness is for the human world. If energy fails, everything fails” E.F.Schumacher, Small is Beautiful, 1973



  1. About time too!

  2. Loved you satire on the brackets drowning the talks. Great stuff. Keep it up mate. Although when i first got the email about the cooling trend I thought i had been spammed by some real skeptics. Knowing what they are like all they would read is the title and nothing else. Therefore you may be reinforcing their views. Personally I think you could make the headers so outrageous so that there is no doubt about what message your trying to get across. Then again I may be taking this all too seriously…..

  3. Hilarious!!!

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