The Mr Men in Copenhagen for COP15

[NOTE: this page refers to a series of posts before and during COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009, where countries and individuals were caricatured as Mr Men characters…see link below for the first post in the series]

If you’re new to this site and are a bit confused about what the Mr Men and Little Miss could possibly have to do with such an important event as the Copenhagen COP, read on…
To find out more about why who is who, click here or look at any of the COP posts. Or just click on the picture.

And please note that none of these characters is intended to bear any resemblance to any real individuals or their characteristics. None at all. None whatsoever. Zilch. Niet. Especially not Mr Grumble.

Something strange has happ

Mr Tickle: Chair of the Longterm Cooperative Action working group

Mr Topsy-Turvy: Chair of the CDM Executive Board

ened to the formatting here, please bear with me.

Little Miss Splendid, better than the rest: Hillary Clinton

Mr Impossibe: motivating impossible people: Al Gore

Mr Slow, waiting years for a job: HRH Prince Charles

Mr Worry: Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC

Red Mr Strong: China

Little Miss Fickle, changing her mind: EU

Mr Clumsy, chaos wherever he goes: EU

Mr Grumpy, storming out: Africa group

Little Miss Stubborn: Venezuela

Little Miss Chatterbox, talking talking: Phillipines

Mr Grumble, blocking: Saudi Arabia

Little Miss Late, late with her target:  South Africa

Mr Quiet, biding his time: Russia

Mr Rush, running around organising: Denmark

Mr Fussy, taking the greenest line: Assoc of Small Island State (AOSIS)

Little Miss Bossy, telling others to take the green line: AOSIS



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